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The Importance of Conflict Resolution that Validates the Other Person’s Perspective
Most people approach differences of opinions with other people attempting to defend their point of view. Our intention may be to defend our personal position, but most people view our defensive stance as attacking their viewpoint. It can create confrontation and easily leads to interpersonal issues ...
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Bio James - 09 Mar 2020
The Importance of Active Listening
Do you find yourself misunderstanding what your customer or else work colleague say to you? Do you find yourself questioning your responses to them? Most people hear others speaking to them, but most of the time our interactions are not focused and we may listen to people speak, without truly hearin ...
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Bose John - 09 Mar 2020
5 Benefits of Being Punctual
Punctuality is a virtue that we learn to incorporate in our lives from our earliest days. It is probably in school that most of us have had the first taste of what punctuality means. We had to reach school at a particular time every day, and every teacher would teach us for a particular amount of ti ...
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Sola Davis - 09 Mar 2020
A Goal-Accomplishing Mindset; How to Create It
There are very many ways that one can create an accomplishing mindset. In this world we have people who are successful and those who are not, the only difference between the two are that the successful do things that failures do not like to do. Being successful is all in the mind, you have to first ...
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Lillian Ojo - 09 Mar 2020
The Most Common Mistake While Setting Goals
Goal setting is a common process to achieve success. However, many a times, people make some common mistakes while setting goals. These mistakes lead to not achieving the desired success and loss of all hope. Listed below are five very common mistakes that people make while setting goals.

P ...

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Lillian Ojo - 09 Mar 2020