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Clear Business Communication ; 4 Steps To Success

Business owners know the bottom-line impact of business communication. It doesn't matter if the communication is a memo to employees, a sales letter to prospects, or a thank you note to customers… A clear, quality message can build your business and the wrong message can demolish it.

Cle ........

Positive Attitude A Success Formula

Positive Attitude; what is it? It starts with being content and self-assured with the person that you are. A strong self-image radiates love and spirit and the people who are in your company begin to feel a similar way. Having a positive demeanor is a pivotal feature for realizing success in all asp ........

Facing Your Fears As An Entrepreneur

Everyone I have ever talked to that is an entrepreneur has had to come face to face with their fears. I have had to as well. I want to share with you some of the techniques that I have used to face them. The first step is not to be in denial. You have fears even if you don't readily acknowledge them ........

Christmas Tips for Ecommerce Sellers

Tip #1
Offer free delivery, even a single Free Shipping Day. Learn more about how to use free shipping to boost your ecommerce sales.
Tip #2
Offer fast delivery on top of the standard delivery option. The thought of Christmas gifts not arriving on time is a source of great distress for ........
Onye Kera PLR -

Can You Afford What Rudeness Is Costing Your Business

Have you ever thought about how much rudeness may be affecting your bottom line? What is the cost to your company when you or the people who represent you lack proper manners? Do you know how many clients are turned off by employees who would rather carry on a conversation with each other than with ........
Onye Kera PLR -